Adding Member Value in Time of COVID-19

Associations are the voice and the backbone of the industries they represent - and that is true now more than ever. Over the past weeks, associations have pivoted to create the value their members and industries need in a moment of shift and unrest. The sites referenced in the below presentation replays represent those examples provided by a wide variety of associations, each of which have been met by voices of industry support on the value and importance of having a professional association. Click here for a list of websites.
Click here to access the replay of the Association Societies Alliance presentation.

Virtual/Hybrid Strategy Facilitation: Creating Meaningful Vision and Plans Anywhere

In response to the need for associations to continue to maintain good Governance, ASAE's CEO & President Susan Robertson and CIO Reggie Henry joined Vista Cova's Lowell Aplebaum in April to provide virtual approaches to manage governance strategy. View the replay and download the presentation here.

 In February, 2020, a diverse group of 13 volunteer leaders of the Construction Specification Institute were finalizing plans to travel to Chicago in early March for a 1.5 day retreat, re-imagining the structure and purpose of their components and the value of the organization. A few weeks and one COVID-19 virus later, six leaders had arrived just as travel advisories were ramping up and seven remained at home. Knowing that, despite what was happening in the world, we had been working toward this retreat for months, we chose to pivot and use technology and varied facilitation methodologies to include all leaders, giving equal space and voice, ensuring no participant felt less than (even if some were not in the room). Read more about how we utilized varied methods to ensure that leaders were involved and contributing throughout a strategy session, no matter where they are located. 

Associations Now wrote how the system can work. “We’ve gained experience enough in this way of functioning digitally that we can blend in-person with virtual in meaningful ways.”

Thank you Wisconsin Society of Association Executives for republishing our article on page 13 in the spring issue of VantagePoint.

"Associations Creating Community" Podcast

When Transparency Becomes a Bad Word

If transparency is going to be a beacon of light for an organization, rather than a problem indicator, then defining it seems like a good place to start. Read here for a few elements of what that definition could include.

Governance Excellence of the Heart

Governance excellence means leadership not only provides fiscal oversight and growth direction, they not only ensure that legal risk is mitigated, they are not only focused on strategic vision, direction, and measures. It also means in moments when an organization experiences disruption, experiences loss, that their leaders can serve as a meaningful voice – speaking the words that their members might be feeling – and then articulating what must always be the north star – a hope and a path to a brighter tomorrow, honoring those who led us to today. Read more about governance from this unique experience. 

Knowledgeable Boards: A Choice, Not an Assumption

When it comes to setting the course for any organization – we need our Boards to be as knowledgeable as possible. As you prepare for your next Board meeting, which level of knowledge will your leaders bring to the table? Learn more here.

Tradeshow (R)evolution 50 Attendance and Revenue Growth Strategies

Click here for 50 attendance and revenue growth strategies— segmented by category. Mix and match the ideas most relevant to your audience and inspire your own tradeshow (r)evolution

The Power of Why

The further we get in our careers, the more we discover that the questions we ask have the potential for learning and growth much more than the answers we receive. Honing focus on our assignments, gaining organizational vision, insight into industry direction and determining our own personal career paths are each potential adventures of discovery – fueled by the question why. Depending on how we utilize this three letter word, we can paint a self-portrait of an up and coming organizational leader, or a stubborn employee who isn’t a team player. Click here for five perspectives on the question "Why?"

Knowledge Bombs with Lowell ApleBOMB

Listen to a conversation from That's My Financial Guy Podcast with ASAE Superstar, Lowell Aplebaum on significant issues facing the Association landscape.

Listening as a Board Competency: Strategy Input

As nonprofits, there are a number of universal areas of oversight where a Board of Directors needs to function – domains that include fiduciary, legal, strategy in all its iterations (vision, direction, planning, accountability, transmission), and governance/volunteer models. In their role, Boards are brought together in meetings, receive reports, dialogue on key topics, and make decisions that ultimately create the path that the organization will pursue. What is all too often missing are ongoing lines of input that expand the Board awareness of what is happening in the field and within the organization outside of their own perspective and network. This is the first in a series of articles on the need to develop listening as a board competency.

It's Time to Stop Reading the Speaker Bio

This ubiquitous start to so many sessions is easy to tweak to change the tone from a passive reading of information to the start of interaction, narrative, sharing or even dialogue. How? Try these 6 steps.

Lapel Pins: The Next Generation

Over recent conversations with friends on the future of work and generation shifts, one discussion circled to how the idea of wearing a lapel pin as a display of organizational pride seems to be fading – particularly amongst those earlier in their careers. Two examples came to mind of how associations are touching the heart of key member/industry identifiers and creating the desire to proudly wear those today.

Building Organizational Resilience

Click here for a seven-point guide for an organization to build a foundation of resilience to better negotiate a constantly changing landscape.

Industry Resources

Lowell Aplebaum, CAE, IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator and Amy Hager, CAE, IOM are often featured in industry publications. Click to read more articles authored by our strategist.   

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