Strategic Visioning & Planning

Developing the future vision of the organization is one of the most important activities an organization undertakes. Years of experience with many different associations, non-profits, and corporations has resulted in a variety of tools, techniques, and approaches we leverage to meet your unique needs. 

A time of global disruption is exactly the moment when organizational leaders need to be on the same page with their vision and strategy. At Vista Cova, we bring our facilitation expertise to the virtual arena, utilizing varied methods to ensure that leaders are involved and contributing throughout a strategy session, no matter where they are located.


Our expert facilitators create safe and fertile spaces to encourage sharing and diverse viewpoints; ask tough questions and challenge assumptions; identify points of insight and consensus; and lead groups to outcomes where their voices, perspectives, expertise, and passions are represented.

Membership Value and Engagement

We help organizations assess the value they offer and identify areas where new or renewed focus is needed to increase engagement with members, customers, and stakeholders. We work with your association staff to leverage the organization’s existing or new strategic vision and priorities to analyze, benchmark, and identify core audiences - reimagining stakeholder value and transforming the membership model.

We also increase organizations’ capacity to listen - designing ongoing systems of feedback that go beyond an annual membership satisfaction survey to consistently monitor whether initiatives are meeting member and stakeholder needs. 

Governance Assessment and Leadership development

Boards of Directors, Chapter Executives, Federations of organization leaders - organizations are led by dedicated volunteers. We support the preparation, growth, and strategy-driven decision making of your volunteer leaders though self-assessment, individual and group learning activities, and development of strong future-focused governance structures.

Program Impact Matrix

This analysis compiles the resource and impact of every program, product, service, and experience (together “programs”) the organization creates, to provide a visual representation of fiscal return and how effectively the programs fulfill the organization’s mission. This report assists organizations in analyzing the high-impact efforts deserving of further investment and those needing to be let go or transitioned elsewhere. 

Organizational Capacity Assessment

Many organizations find, once they have defined the future vision through the strategic planning process, they need to shift governance or staffing models to achieve their strategic goals. Our operationalization experts work with you to conduct an in-depth review or the organizational and/or governance structure in the context of the strategic plan and create a framework to ensure you achieve optimal capacity to deliver on the new vision.

Contract Chief Strategy Officer

Organizations who want to embed the strategy into the fabric of the organization, yet do not have the capacity or financial resources to consistently focus on strategy benefit from this service. It is a continuing relationship in which Vista Cova works directly with the leadership team to continue the work begun during the retreat. This ensures continued focus on strategic priorities and goals, while enabling employees to remain focused on day-to-day operations. This arrangement can be scaled up or down depending on the organization’s changing needs.

" Lowell is exceptional at embracing an organizationís mission, creating relationships within the represented industry, and then empowering people to join and participate in the success of the organization. As a strategist, Lowell understands and values the need for connecting strategy to people-centric outcomes. I highly recommend Lowell to any non-profit that is interested in strategically growing their market presence."
Mike Moss, CAE President - Society for College and University Planning